May 8, 2010


I miss college life.
Not that stress like now and I can do what ever i love to!!
Recently damn fucking stress once graduate!!
How am i gonna talk nicely with you guys?
You ask your son to call me and asking what am i doing now? Get any job already?
You want to know and can't you just ask by yourself?
But you didn't!
You just call the son to ask and you just right beside but don't want talk to me!
Say what 'I don't want talk with her. Say what she also won't listen! Ask her come back work also don't want. Stay there wasting money this and that!'
I had enough!!
I really sick of it already!
You talk until like that some more it sound like shouting,
so how am I talk to you nicely about my future?
I got my own reason why that don't want go back work.
I really don't know i want how to communicate with you.
I really tired and tension!

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