June 21, 2010


This morning was pretty funny.

7.30am my lovely daddy morning call me like usual.
But once i answer the phone and he said, "Sorry girl. I'm forget to wake you up today. Because last 2 days was Saturday and Sunday. It no need to wake you up to work. So today i forget about it... =( "

OMG Daddy, it just 7.30am!! It is not late at all. *sweet*


Since I start work,
you and mummy scare I will late to work so everyday also morning call me and wake me up.
Thank you =)

Actually I had bought myself a alarm clock.
But it is pretty sweet that you guys everyday morning call me.
So, my alarm clock just put one side and didn't use it.

Sorry that I always make you guys worried and disappointed some of the times.
And thanks that what you guys had done to me!!



  1. hahaha...that's why i feel that ii very lucky. They until nowstill every morning give me a call.

  2. Awsome, u so luckily got a lovely daddy.
    Lucky one.