July 18, 2010

Dating day

One of a Chinese restaurant @ The Gardens.
But i forget what the restaurant name.
*pai seh*

Meow meow Kelly

The outlook is weird + geliiii but it taste not that bad.
Peanut ais kacang

Movie at Mid Valley

It is a nice cartoon.
Damn Funny wehh...
I want the yellow short little thingy badly.
It is cute!!

They are just so CUTE!

Saturday dating day with my babe Meow Meow Kelly

It has been a couple time that we didn't meet each other since we graduate :(

Miss my college life so much.

Everyone seem like so busy after graduate and hardly to meet each others already.

Keep in touch always my dear friends.

Love ya all


  1. suprise!
    this shop is at corner de.
    but then i also cant think of the name.
    quite nice =)