October 15, 2010



is such a BAD day for me.
Involved in a chain accident when i on the way home after my late lunch.
Few more minutes distance and i can reach my sweet home but i get in an accident.

"sui" a!!

Front car suddenly emergency brake.
When i emergency brake,
i dont understand why my car still bang so hard to front car with only 40km/j speed!!

FUCK this shit.

It suppose got 4 car involved but the 1st car which is suddenly brake and it just drove away.
Once accident,
the call man straight away appear and i don't even know where they come from.
Damn efficient.
This make me think that is it the 1st car conspire with those call man!!


Back to the life which had to take bus to word.
Never mind,
walk more for exercise since i getting fatter!!


This is the 2nd car.

Only bumper kemek.

(1st car had runaways)

3rd car

Also only bumper kemek a lil bit.

And is a FORD,

it damn hard.!!


see my Kenari.

Damn pity.

Car plate also drop halfway.

Bonnet, headlamp and some inside part also....

Some more driver side door just can open half.

Is a bad day.

Time to go pray!!

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